Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture

Istanbul  2010  European Capital of Culture will further inspire you with its contemporary art and urban culture.

With its geographic position and thousands of years’ cultural heritage, İstanbul has a priviliged speciality among the metropolises of the world.

By generating a creative energy, its juvenile and dynamic population has been making İstanbul ,the mirror of Turkey, one of the most dynamic cities in the world. The cultural consciousness that particularly improved during the last twenty years is reflected upon its cultural life, too.

Over the years, Istanbul has gained a quality of being a magnetic field, a cultural and artistic centre not only for those living in Istanbul but also for all of the world’s people. The 21st Century will be the one of metropolises. Reviving the identities ,imroving their cultural heritage and sharing what they accumulated, metropolises have been forming the global culture.

By way of sharing their cultural accumulations, metropolitan people have been knowledgeable about and known each other better . The inclusion of cultures in the daily life and spreading out all sections of societies has been more important day by day.

Metropolitan development has been succeeded by the help of  cultural change and the fact that the consciousness of  being among one of those living in Metropolises will go up the desired level. Therefore, it is required that both the administrations and non-governmental organizations should be active, and benefit from professional sources of information and experiences.

Istanbul has become 2010 European capital of culture and Europe will discover the roots of its culture in Istanbul and take a noteworthy step.

What’s more,  Istanbul’s becoming succesful as a Europen capital of culture will be obtained by Istanbul people’s taking this project up seriosly and supporting it with a noticeable participation.

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