from last year to new year

It was a fantastic time for me last year with many interesting tours and many new friends.I started to my tours at 18.of march and finished 5.of december. Speciealy I excıted to visit a new excavation area at URFA (southeast of Turkey).Its name is  GOBEKLITEPE.It is new for the world,may be oldest civilized temple area for humanbeings. It was a tempel area which is place for 30 tempel from neolitik age.It is more than 10.000 years old,before hunting period.Unblieveable….

I have been at Gothenborg for Gothenborg tourism fair end of the march.

I guided my guests in istanbul at spring until 15 of june.They were Swedish and some other people from europe.

I guided Khorr family from Dubai from 15 of jun until 8 of august(twice,first group 24 days and second group 22 days).I got wonderfull photos from Muhammed Khorr which is very professionally.Nature of Turkey can not show better,so many photos from different part of Turkey.(north-all blacksea from eastern till western,central Turkey-Cappadocia,East of Turkey-Erzurum).

It was very interesting time at the autumn.I guided people at Istanbul and-South east of Turkey(from west border of Surien till east border from Turkey side and later a Classical Turkey tour. Click her for photo album. It was finished at 30 of nevember but I started guiding for four groups for swedish metro club, one week tour at south of Turkey.(Antalya…) Click here for photo album.

I got fantastic new many friends from my tours and I am very happy to know all.

I wish all the best everyone for next year–HAPPY NEW YEAR

My tours going to start at 27 of february for 20011.It will be end at June.After that ,My folk dance group from sweden is going to come to Turkey for folk dance course for 2 weeks.

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