About Me

Attributes:  Speaks fluent Turkish, English, Swedish

Can conduct tours in every region in turkey with local experience

I have worked as a tour guide for various tour operators and have travelled extremelly with american, swedish, english and other european groups for all Turkey and different regions.

I have worked in the travel industry since 1995.

I have driver licences and have an unblemished driver record. I consider safe driving on Turkish roads in one of the most important aspect of my work when I drive and works.

If you choose a tour conducted by Hüdayi Soyupak, I will attention to every detail and will make certain you receive the best value for your time and money.
Specializing for Istanbul,from the Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey-2007
Specializing  for GAP-Southeast  of  Turkey from the Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey-2006
Professional tour guiding from the  Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey 1997
Graduated from the Gazi University in Ankara with a degree in chemical engineering- 1982

Started to work in travel industry since 1995

I have worked  tour operators group- Tursem, as a resort manager in Side- Antalya. I have experience for a travel company, organizing tours, relations with staff, hotels, transport and guests.

Started to conduct tours in 1998 for all Turkey with my American guests, Swedish, English and other european guests.

I’ve worked with few very special tour operators and myself as a freelance guide.

I specializes in organizing tailor-made sightseeing, cultural, historical, religous and specialist tours for group or individuals who want to see the best of the Turkey and İstanbul,West of Turkey(Aegean coast), South of Turkey-(Mediaterranean coast), Cappadocia, GAP- southeast of Turkey, east of Turkey.

I have been Gothenburg in Sweden (7 year),and  London in England (6 years).

A member of Turkish Prof.Tourist guiding Association-Tureb and IRO(Chamber of Istanbul Guides)
An active board member of the Chamber of Chemical Engineers of Turkey for aegean region
An active member and supporter of  Amnesty International and Greenpeace.  

Personal Info:
  I live in Izmir but has work in Istanbul and Antalya.
  I have experience for different countries, cultures, religions.
  I have travelled all Turkey, Sweeden,England together some part of the Europe.
  I have worked tourism-service business with public relations in Sweeden and England.
  I get married with a high school teacher (physicist) for two and half years ago.
  My first baby daughter was born at 15 of january, 2007 .
  I like travelling, reading,listening and dancing folkmusic,going to theater,taking photos,playing football,chess,  backgammon, swimming,walking,skiing,cooking,gardening